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  • Tracey Schultheis , TAMCO Martial Arts Testimonials

    They say those that can't do teach. Master McKinley can both "do" and teach!! His experience and wisdom along with youthful charisma make your experience so worthwhile!! Additionally, is a teacher's teacher. I highly recommend Tamco to anyone considering Martial arts training for themselves or their child!!

    Tracey Schultheis
  • Jamal Kadeem , TAMCO Martial Arts Testimonials

    This school motivates me to be strong in all walks of life

    Jamal Kadeem
  • Tony Rodriguez, TAMCO Martial Arts Testimonials

    Keith McKinley is a tremendous sparring coach and Karate Instructor! Highly recommend!

    Tony Rodriguez
  • Juan Sanchez , TAMCO Martial Arts Testimonials

    Master Keith McKinley has the rare combination of knowledge and experience, and the ability to apply his knowledge. He is a great teacher, coach, and active elite competitor.

    Juan Sanchez
  • Gerald Williams Jr., TAMCO Martial Arts Testimonials

    TAMCO martial arts school runs on a strong foundation. With an awesome Head instructor Master Keith McKinley who enjoys working with men,women, and children. I train under him as my sport karate coach. And I have won competitions with his shared knowledge and experience.

    Gerald Williams Jr.
  • Master Waverly Brown , TAMCO Martial Arts Testimonials

    Great. Instruction. Good people helping the community love this martial arts school

    Master Waverly Brown


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