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Theresa Thoulouis in Drexel Hill - TAMCO Martial Arts

Theresa Thoulouis

Theresa Thoulouis began her martial arts training in gojuryu karate in 2004 at the Iron Cobra Martial Arts School in Camden, New Jersey under the instruction of Grandmaster James Thornton. She was promoted to Black Belt in 2009. She currently holds the rank of 3rd degree Black Belt under the auspices of Grandmaster James Thornton and the New Jersey Black Belt Association.

In 2013 Ms. Thoulouis began sport karate training under the guidance of Master Keith McKinley at TAMCO Martial Arts. Since that time she has consistently won at numerous regional and national events In addition to teaching at TAMCO Martial Arts, Ms. Thoulouis also teaches gojuryu karate at the Iron Cobra Martial Arts School in Camden, New Jersey. In 2017, she began studying Oki-Kobudo (a style of martial arts weapons training) with Sensei Quinton Massey in Wilmington, Delaware.

Ms. Thoulouis has been employed as a School Security Officer for Camden City School District since 2006.

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